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Joe's Plan for MTA Security

The New York City Subway has become a disgusting, shameful, inhumane way to get from Point A to Point B

My 3 minutes of feedback to the Federal government, State government, Local government, and MTA board is an honest and saddening account of the current condition of the New York City Subway.  I have a solution.

Watch now:

Riddled with homeless, mentally unstable, and criminal loiterers, it is a CRISIS which may be mitigated with Federal and State funding.


The MTA is a hybrid private corporation of public service. They had a $19.4 Billion operating budget in 2022. Yet, there is no substantial activity to preserve safety and health of passengers and workers below ground. The NYPD should not bear the brunt of patrolling the property of a private establishment.


I am developing a plan which will cost approximately 3-5% of the operating budget and create over 6,000 new jobs in NYC. The plan is to have 4 private, armed security guards in each station and each train, 24 hours per day. If you would like a copy of the plan, please subscribe below to the distribution list. Thank you.

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